Thursday 4th August, 2011


Arriving back in Walls from Foula in time for lunch I dumped my gear in the car and walked over to the cafe for a bowl of soup. After lunch I drove through Sandness (pronounced Saaness) to the end of the road and did a short coastal walk. The day had really cleared up and was warm, still and clear. I saw three old, derelict watermills on a small downhill stream between the parking bay and the coast. Throughout my walk I could see Papa Stour across the water. It’s not very far and was really clear. Many years ago it was connected to the mainland. 
View of Papa Stour old watermills
beachThe walking was easy and on the level. I spent longer than I’d intended on what was really only a walk of a few miles, because I kept stopping to admire the view and to take photos. As is usual in Shetland paths were occasionally blocked by fences or locked gates and I had to figure out a way round or over them. Most of Shetland is effectively access land, but as Scottish laws are different to English ones, the footpath system isn’t the same and farmers and landowners don’t seem to have the same requirements to keep paths open. It’s nice being able to walk pretty much everywhere, but sometimes I’d like to be able to follow a path knowing I’m not going to have to make detours.  
I headed inland at Sandness and walked back along the road to return to my car.
beach sculpture
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