GGW day 7

boat on canal

Bridge near the campsite

Wednesday 24th August, 2011

I had a leisurely start to today as I had no need to rush anywhere. I spent the morning walking out to the sea lock at Clachnaharry. This is about a 5 mile round trip and meant that not only had I followed the Great Glen Way in its entirety, but also the Caledonian Canal. The path all the way to the sea lock was busy with dog-walkers, joggers, boats, and residential and business premises. It was a gloriously warm and sunny day and a lovely end to my walk. Except it wasn’t the end really, as I still had to get to Inverness Castle.

Opening bridge

The bridge was opening to let a boat through

Caledonian Canal model ship
sea lock through the sea lock

sea lock sign for end of the canal

end of the canal out to sea

Back near the campsite I called in at the Floral Hall coffee shop for lunch. This is a botanical garden, but as there was an admission charge and I didn’t know how much time I’d need to look round it properly, I didn’t go in. I’ll save it for another time.

Ness Islands

Ness Islands

I went back to the campsite and spent a bit of time lying around reading before getting packed up for the walk across the Ness Islands to Inverness. The Ness Islands are set in the River Ness and joined by a series of bridges. They are all covered with woodland and make a pleasant park area for the people of Inverness.

Nessie carving

Finally saw Nessie on the Ness Islands

End of GGW sign

The official end of the GGW sign

Inverness Castle

Inverness Castle

Finally the path reached Inverness proper and climbed upwards along roads to reach the castle and the GGW start/finish sign.

view from castle

View from Inverness Castle

Once I’d taken the obligatory photos I headed for the train station and sat in the bar with a well-deserved beer before getting the train back to Glasgow.
View from castle view from castle

Distance walked = about 7 miles (2 ‘official’ miles plus the 5 miles to the sea lock and back)

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