Antarctica must be the most intriguing and magical place on earth. I don’t just want to visit it, but to live there for a while, spend time, get to know it. I’ve researched working, studying and doing my own research there, but nothing is really feasible at the moment.

Whilst in Norfolk this week I was chatting to my friend about the things we’d both like to do and the places we’d both like to go. Along with Kilimanjaro, Antarctica is on both of our lists. Sitting in the pub on Sunday evening I browsed through a local tourist magazine whilst Valinda was at the bar. There was nothing of particular interest until I got near the end and saw an article about winning a trip to Antarctica. This just reinforces my belief that if you talk about things, write them down, bring them to the forefront of your mind, then things happen. This isn’t magic or fate, it’s just a case of tuning oneself in to the opportunities that are around us all the time. Even if I hadn’t been thinking of Antarctica, that article would still have been in the magazine. Only difference would be that I would have just flicked over the page and not paid any attention to it.

So, now I have a competition to enter. I’ve looked on the website and it all seems very simple – just take some award winning photographs in a wetlands centre. Hm, well with my simple point and shoot camera and my lack of award winning photography skills it might be a bit harder than it looks. But even though I don’t have much hope of winning, by entering and taking it seriously I should improve my photography skills, get to go to Martin Mere wetland centre (which I’ve never been to) and improve my knowledge of birds which is something I’m trying to do anyway.

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