Not doing much

I’m feeling like I’m not doing much towards my list at the moment. NaNoWriMo started at the beginning of the month and I’ve only written a couple of hundred words. I needed to do about 2,000 words a day and so I should be on 20,000 by now. I’ve just felt far too knackered when I’ve got home in the evening. I was also going to get another leg waxing appointment made and go for the whole leg experience this time. But I never got round to making the phone call, got fed up with hairy legs and shaved them. So now I’ll have to wait for them to re-grow. That’s the bit that puts me off waxing – the inbetween times when I have to have a couple of weeks of stubble and hair before it’s long enough to be successfully ripped off. Last time I only left it a week and that wasn’t really long enough, so this time I’d left it two weeks. But now I’m back to the start again. I’ve also not read any more books from the ‘Big Read’ as I’m still reading Bill Bryson’s At Home which I started to read in Norfolk.

At least I’ve got Iceland booked and so have a chance of seeing the Northern Lights and I’ve been able to get out walking again.

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