Van Owner

Well I have my van. I picked it up last night after school and took it for a short drive. It’s very different to driving my car. The brakes are so keen I ricochet forwards even when I barely touch them – thank goodness for seat belts! On the other hand, I have to use a lot more gas to get going and pick speed up. This is probably due to me not being used to driving with diesel. I don’t have to go very far though for me to start getting used to it so I’m sure I’ll be feeling at home driving it in no time.

The interior sides and floor have been hardboarded over and there’s also a piece of board completely blocking off the cab. This makes the cab feel a bit claustrophobic and shortens the length of the available space in the back. So my first job this weekend is to take that piece out. I want to be able to climb into the back from the front when it’s chucking it down so that’s another reason for it to go.

I feel quite excited about my new project but at the same time it was quite a wrench letting my old car go. It’s served me well over the last six or seven years and I have some great memories of trips and holidays made in it. I really hope my van turns out to be as good and I get lots more great memories from it.

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