It’s all a tad annoying …

I’ve only ever bought two deals from Groupon: a flying lesson and a Learndirect course on Sage.

The flying lesson deal I bought almost a year ago and had to give four weekend dates when I would be available. They would then contact me approximately 15 days beforehand to let me know it was happening. All year I’ve made sure I’ve kept those weekends free. The dates I had given came and went and, apart from a ‘Merry Christmas, we’ve not forgotten you’ email, I heard nothing.

Next weekend is the fourth and final weekend date I had given. Time to get excited, it has to be this one! A few days ago I still hadn’t heard anything, so emailed the company. The reply I received was that they are no longer doing that deal and they will arrange a refund. How long have they known this? I could have done other things with those weekends. And would they have let me know if I hadn’t contacted them first? As I said in the title, it’s all a tad annoying …

The Sage course I bought last September. I’d like to learn something about accounting software as, as well as gaining a new skill, it could be useful when I finally get around to starting my business. I downloaded one of Learndirect’s free courses first to make sure it worked on my computer and that I liked the presentation style of their courses. Everything was fine and so I bought the Sage course. I knew I wouldn’t have time to do anything with it there and then, but it’s valid for a year, so that wasn’t a problem.

I decided to start the course this weekend, but what happens? It no longer works on my computer. I get a message telling me I need some sort of update, but when I click the update button it tells me the update can’t be done. There are a few instructions on things I can try, but when I follow them through, all the correct boxes are ticked and enabled anyway. The link they provide to a help page is broken. I’m really quite upset about this, as I finally get time to do something about the course and it is no longer working. A colleague has had a similar problem. She was part way through one of their courses a few weeks ago and she lost access for the same sort of reasons. Apparently Learndirect have made some sort of changes and this has effected users. I really don’t understand how they can do this??? I’ve contacted them asking them to either sort it out quickly or send me a refund. I’d still like to do the course so I hope they sort the problem out. I wait with bated breath …

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