I’m moving to Wordpress!

I’ve finally decided it’s time to make the move from Blogger to WordPress. Why? Because I want to start taking this whole blogging malarkey more seriously and get myself a proper website. Creating my own website is on my 60 before 60 list after all. And if I’m going to get all professional and incorporate my blog into a website then WordPress seems to be the way to go.

I’ll miss Blogger; I’ve got used it these past four years and can easily navigate my way around it. I started to explore WordPress yesterday and it’s all so different. I can feel a steep learning curve coming on.

At the moment, I’m not planning to delete my Blogger account (I’ve spent far too much time and effort on it for that), but I do hope to gradually move my posts over to this site so I have them all in the one place.

Although I’m feeling slightly daunted at the huge task ahead of me (creating a website AND learning to use WordPress AND transferring content), I’m also quite excited by the opportunities I’ll have to develop my skills, tick another challenge off my list and finally (fingers and toes crossed) have an online presence I can be proud of.

The future starts here; please come with me (it’ll get better, I promise).

My Blogger site can be found here.


About invertedsheep

Trying to live a life less boring one challenge at a time. Author of the forthcoming book, 'Walking the Kungsleden: One Woman's Solo Wander Through the Swedish Arctic'.
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2 Responses to I’m moving to Wordpress!

  1. Once you get used to it I’m sure you’ll enjoy WordPress. It looks more professional than Blogger and you can do more with it. If you want to import your old Blogger posts, go to [WP Admin] and [Tools] and [Import].


    • What a great tip! I’d been trying to copy and paste and then getting in a mess with the HTML and having to rewrite bits of code … all very long-winded. I already think I’m going to be happier with WordPress and can see how much more I’ll be able to do with it. I’ve got lots to learn, but I think I’ll enjoy the results!


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