The List

I started my blog as a way of motivating myself to make the most out of my life. With this is mind, I came up with a list of 60 Things To Do Before I’m 60. You’ll find the list below. And you can read more about why I started the blog here.

  1. Learn to ride a horse
  2. Learn to fly
  3. Learn to ride a motorbike
  4. Own a hostel
  5. Own 5 houses – in progress
  6. Get my walking group leader’s qualification – in progress
  7. Learn Arabic
  8. Learn to play the drums – in progress
  9. Go to Womad – completed
  10. Go to the music festival in Timbuktu
  11. Go to Iran
  12. Go to Outer Mongolia
  13. Go to Hell
  14. Do a course at the Vegetarian Society – completed
  15. Read all 200 books on the BBC Big Read book list – in progress 76/200
  16. Fly in a helicopter
  17. Go for a ride in a hot air balloon – completed
  18. Get waxed – in progress
  19. Go to Japan
  20. Walk a long distance path in one go – completed
  21. Go on a long distance cycle tour
  22. See gorillas in the wild
  23. Climb Kilimanjaro
  24. Walk across Morecambe Sands – completed
  25. Become a writer – in progress
  26. Write a book – in progress
  27. Learn to kayak/canoe
  28. Read the Bible and Quran – in progress
  29. Create my own website – in progress
  30. Dive between the American and Eurasian tectonic plates
  31. See lava
  32. Relax in a floatation tank – completed
  33. Go to New York
  34. Wadlopen in the Netherlands
  35. Learn archery
  36. Learn to shoot
  37. Have afternoon tea at the Ritz in London – in progress
  38. Stay in the Ice Hotel
  39. See the Northern Lights – completed
  40. Learn to play chess
  41. Go to St Kilda – completed
  42. Spend time in Antarctica
  43. Make a film
  44. Go to St Helena
  45. Travel on a cargo ship
  46. Watch an England game at Wembley – in progress
  47. Wild camp in the UK – completed
  48. Learn to climb
  49. Try hang-gliding, paragliding or skydiving
  50. Attend Up Helly Aa festivities – completed
  51. Take the Trans-Siberian Express
  52. Drive confidently on the wrong side of the road – in progress

6 Responses to The List

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  5. Louise Hazell says:

    I could probably help you with number 13 because i live near the road to hell and there are several hellish destinations nearby, which I won’t name for fear of causing offence! Sods law dictates that I would name the home town of your other reader.


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